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18.07.16 | Kategorie: Niere

Commercial kidney transplantation: high burden of serious complications

The Multi-Organ Transplant Center Dammam (Saudi Arabia) reviewed the outcome of patients undergone commercial kidney transplantation in foreign clinics - and observed bad results. Meteb AlBugami et al. report in the Abstract Book to the 4th ELPAT Congress:

"All recipients of commercial kidney transplantation who presented to our center within a year of their transplants, between Sept. 2008 and Dec. 20013 were included in the study. Total of 46 recipients, with a mean age of 40 years, 17 females. 20% had preemptive transplant. Only 21 patients  had a discharge summary from the transplant facility abroad.
During the first six months post transplantation  seven (19%)  had perinephric collections requiring percutaneous drainage, five (14%) had wound infections requiring hospitalization including one wound dehiscence, four (11%) had ureteric strictures that needed surgery, two (5%) urinary leaks, and two (5%) mycotic aneurysm of renal artery.

16 (43%) patients had at least one episode of acute rejection. Urinary tract infections requiring  intravenous antibiotics affected 11 (30%) patients, and other infections included two cases of fungal pneumonia, one CMV-infection and one BK nephropathy. One patient had major non-compliance issues that threatened his graft. There were three (8%) graft losses, and two (5%) deaths due to sepsis.

Patients returning after commercial kidney transplantation suffer a high burden of serious post transplant complications. A much concerted effort is urgently needed to better inform patients of the risks and ethical issues related to transplant tourism, and to point them towards ethically sound and medically safer alternatives."



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